Changed Lives

As an organization, Campus Crusade for Christ Philippines does not seek recognition for these accomplishments. We’re committed to bringing attention to Jesus Christ so that one day, everyone might know someone who truly follows Him. Lives change because of God, not strategies or ministries. To that end, we stay focused.

  • When God Surprises
  • Light Bearer
  • Changed by Love
  • Campus Crusade for Christ Philippines
    Kim said Yes to Jesus!
  • Jesus Film
    A Broken Projector: Jesus Film
  • Artists in Touch
    Jesus in the Spotlight
  • FamilyLife Philippines
    Our Divine Appointment
  • digital outreach
    2 Years of Digital Outreach
  • Jonah student evangelism
    Joanah Mobilising Students for Christ
  • A Peek Behind the Veil
  • No Job is Secular
  • Gina Starting a Campus Ministry in the Island
  • Ariana and Jesus
    She was sexually abused until she dreamed about Jesus
  • Artists and Touch Friends
    Art and Healing
  • Optimizing Missions in the Digital World