Modeling a Ministry of Multiplication

Annie and Jaime Cruz Annie and Jaime never expected their ministry with couples to multiply greatly in such a short time. Neither did their daughter Ella think that she would be able to apply what she learned on-campus and minister close circles with her parents, but God has a way for working everything for His perfect purpose. He showed them … Read More

Hacking for Missions

Indigitous #Hack is a unique gathering around the world, for people to collaborate together on missional technology projects with long-term impact. Indigitous #Hack is building a community of developers, designers and entrepreneurs to solve real-world, mission-focused problems. As participants of Indigitous #Hack, technologist support God’s work across the nations and are offered a chance to learn from one another as … Read More

A Big Catch

Belly Tecson’s encounter with 21 year-old Nathaniel “Nate” Rodriguez could be likened to Simon Peter meeting Jesus for the first time. Nate is a fisherman like Peter. He fishes with his father on weekends to help his family survive. Fishing is their only source of income.  On weekdays, Nate works in a Catholic seminary so that he can attend school. … Read More

Lola the Evangelist

Meet Lola Dolores―faithful member of the Life Giver Church in Bulan, Camarines Sur.  At 74, Nanay Dolores has become a permanent figure in her church. But when Operation Jabez Manila team arrived for a week-long project in Bulan, Lola Dolores refused to attend the training. “Previous church seminars asked us to memorize a lot of stuff, so I had hypertension,” … Read More

Transforming Barangays in Mindanao with the Love of Christ

I was broken and desperate when Lee Van Beronio shared the Four Spiritual Laws booklet with me in August of 2004.  I was introduced to Jesus Christ. That very moment I received Him as my Savior and Lord. The tears didn’t stop even as I walked back to my boarding house prompting a board mate to ask what happened. I … Read More

True Freedom Inside Prison

One of the most painful thing that could happen to a man is to be imprisoned. We all value freedom. We would fight and even die for it. But oftentimes, because of our busyness and comfortable situation, we don’t realize that we may already be in prison. I am Geri Gambala. I am an ex-soldier, an ex-rebel and an ex-convict. ... Read More

Optimizing Missions in the Digital World

The digital arena has become another platform to win more people for Christ, build their faith and encourage them in enlarging God’s Kingdom. As more Christians take their ministry to this field, the need to continuously strategize, create digital tools, and develop projects has increased especially with the fast advancements in technology. To cater to this need, the Global Digital … Read More

Art and Healing

Artists and Touch Friends

At first, it looks like an intimate gathering of friends at one of the function rooms of the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, but upon closer inspection, this group is more than it meets the eye. Tonight is a fellowship of Artists in Touch, a gathering of Christian artists in performance arts. And tonight, film and TV actors, theatre luminaries … Read More

She was sexually abused until she dreamed about Jesus

Ariana and Jesus
“Reveal yourself to me ‘Jesus of Love’, if you are real!”Ariana was a teenage girl who had been repeatedly sexually abused. Being a devout follower of her nation’s religion, Ariana struggled in her soul. Why would God allow this? Why did men of her same faith devalue her and all women? Twice she tried to take her own life. Desperate, ... Read More