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Operation Jabez 2018

Che Soljon, Melvin Yubal, Wel Lana

Every year, Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ sends its missionaries to Operation Jabez (OJ), a short term mission stint designed to saturate an area with the gospel, train local believers for personal ministry, equip churches for movement building, and help the hosts to plant sustainable churches.  

The prayer of Jabez in 2 Chronicle 4:10, “Oh that you would bless me and expand my territory,” has fueled this mission since its launch in 1980, when the Jesus Film was first premiered in almost every barangay in the whole Philippines.

From March 25 to April 1, 2018, PCCC rallied its missionaries, disciples and partners for Operation Jabez Visayas*. The following are some of the many things the Lord has done through OJ 2018.



Melvin joined OJ Visayas with one goal – to share Jesus to their team’s target community.

As their team adjusted to the needs of the trainees in the church, they decided to do a Digital Outreach* (DO) in the evening, instead of showing the Jesus Film.Though Melvin had some reservations, he was excited as it was his first time to experience a DO. 

Opening his Messenger, he began scrolling down to look for friends he can share the gospel. He saw that his brother Tonton, who lives in Cabanatuan City is online. 

He remembered his prayer at the beginning of the year -- for his family to come to know Jesus personally. He didn’t know how, but he was confident God will make a way. Without hesitation Melvin shared the gospel to Tonton, and Tonton received Christ.

Melvin marvels at how the Lord can use Digital Outreach to reach people separated by distance, yet brought closer through the internet. His goal was simply to share Jesus, and God gave him the gift of sharing Jesus to his own family, even from afar.

*Digital Outreach: using social media as a platform to share the gospel



The island of Siquijor teems with fresh clean air, gigantic balete trees, white-sand beaches, untouched forests, and warm people. It is also famous for magic potions, sorcery or witchcraft. Despite its beauty, only a few venture to Siquijor. But this year, 55 people from the Metro Manila Catalytic team arrived in the island for Operation Jabez Siquijor. They trusted God to reach the whole island with the gospel of Jesus. They divided into 11 teams to partner with 11 churches in the island. 

Edrick, a student from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina, said, “I modeled to the trainees from Celebration Christian Fellowship in Lazi how to share the gospel, and they were amazing though they’re still young. They caught the vision of reaching their campus and community, excited to do evangelism every day.  What I saw was beyond my expectation. We can never underestimate the work of the Holy Spirit.”

A highlight for Mary Grace Albinio, a CCC missionary, was her ministry partner and former Miss Universe runner up Venus Raj’s joining OJ Siquijor. Venus was invited to participate last year, but wasn’t able to because of her schedule. This year, she joined Grace’s team and enjoyed the experience. 

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