We are a nonprofit organization and have no central funds. Staff members, including the National team Leader of Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ, raise support to cover sustenance, benefits and expenses. Then each staff member has a team of partners who pray for him or her.

Central fundraising would limit the number of staff members. As a result of our many staff members, hundreds of thousands of people hear the good news of God’s love. As the largest mission agency in the world it would not be possible to have as many missionaries as we do were it not for each staff member raising his/her own support.

How is my staff member’s sustenance determined?

Sustenance are determined by age, number of children and geographic factors.

When should I begin to send in contributions for my staff member?

It would be most helpful if you could start right away. Many new staff members work part time or full time while raising support. The more time they can focus upon raising their support, the sooner they will be able to report to their ministries.

How long am I expected to support my staff member?

That is a decision between you and the Lord. Our desire is that you would support your staff member for as long as the Lord enables you to do so.

What is a Ministry Partner?

Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ is a very active and effective organization. We believe the main reason Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ has been so successful in reaching students and distinct communities with the gospel is because each staff member has a team of faithful people directly involved in the work. They are our “Ministry Partners”. Each Ministry Partner is involved in two ways: financially and through prayer.

The way the prayer parts works is through the prayer updates that our missionaries send out through text (and/or e-mail, web post and social media) every 6 weeks. It is a brief report of what’s been happening in the ministry. With these short letters, we include 3 or 4 current prayer requests. This way you can see what the prayer needs are, how the Lord has been answering your prayers and how your investments are reaping results in the form of changed lives.

Many of our friends are interested in knowing how Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ handles its finances. All staff members share the same standing. Thus, all staff minister under the same financial policy and live on the same pay scale.

It is the policy of Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ in that each staff member find their own Ministry Partners for their team. All funds raised go directly to Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ account and are used only to provide sustenance and reimbursements for ministry expenses.