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Global Student Launch Week

Last June, Thailand hosted the annual MD Summit in Bangkok, wherein countries all over Southeast Asia with PCCC presence joined to partake in the vision—that is, to see 2,000 campuses with spiritual movements by the year 2020. It will be kickstarted with Global CCC’s initiative to open new movements to over 1,000 campuses worldwide, raising 10,161 key volunteers from those new movements—purely by students—on Novemeber 4-10, 2018. This seven-day faith-driven endeavor has been dubbed as Global Student Launch Week. 

Recognizing that God is at work everywhere, in every campus, and in every student, this task won’t prove impossible. Right now, there is a challenge to the 957 existing campus movements in SEA to participate in this global call, partnering with the body of Christ, trusting the Lord of the harvest that this is His work, and seeing Him raise up new leaders in every city. 

These four principles show how you can start a movement in another campus, or in another college: 

Explore: Studying your scope in order to look for where God is already working, seeking to partner with Him and trusting Him that He has prepared a key volunteer in that place. Dependence on the Holy Spirit, who calls and leads you to the right people, is vital in this first step. 

Challenge: Cast your one-minute vision (it must be simple, clear and direct. No sugarcoating). If the person you are challenging says yes, share the gospel and challenge him/her to be a key volunteer. By faith, challenge that person to start a movement of winning, building and sending. Remember to look for initial leaders or campus owners, so high filtering is a must. 

Coach: This stage is in the development of the leader, and involves discipleship (3/3rds process, etc), training (MAWLing, etc) and introducing simple and transferable Bible study materials. 

Multiply: In order to see multiplication, these key attitude principles are seen to be useful: the need to be strategic and intentional in building movements, making sure that leadership will be multiplied across generations and geography, working with and training faithful men (as stated in Timothy 2:2), teaching the disciples to be dependent on God and believe that He is the One who will cause multiplication, remembering that sustainable movements are built upon a strong base of prayer and evangelism, and trusting God for the impossible and working hard towards seeing multiplying leaders. 

The following training videos and stories will further equip you in building spiritual movements in your target area: 

One-minute Vision Casting: dtgBkVsSbn 

Key Volunteer Challenge: mdtgBkVsSbn 

How to make disciples of Jesus playlist: 



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