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This course will help motivate you to communicate the gospel through the Four Spiritual Laws and will equip you to bring someone to a point of decision.

  • Gives you confidence to share the Gospel
  • Makes it possible for you to be prepared
  • Easy to use and to pass on to others
  • Provided with videos and resources
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This course is designed to give you the next steps after you share the Gospel. They are critical in a person’s growth in Christ.

  • Gives assurance of salvation of a new Christian
  • Motivating a new Christian to be involved in a discipleship
  • Easy to use and to pass on to others
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You shared the Gospel and someone received Jesus. Awesome. And now, the person is willing to meet with you. What will you discuss?

  • A standard template you can use in your meetings
  • Transform your bible study sessions to obedience-based discipleship
  • Easy to use and to pass on to others
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It’s easy. We want to help you learn better and faster. That’s why we designed iKan2 to be simple and transferable.

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